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What will you gain?

Get the training you need to succeed

These courses are designed to identify and close performance gaps, as well as give the individuals the confidence that they need to do the job. They help facilitate:

1        Improved skills
2        Improved confidence
3        The identification of performance gaps
4        Increased production
5        Increased morale

Resume preparation
Mock Interviews
Career Advice and Counseling

Training Modules:

Basic Service
Communication Techniques
Phone Etiquette
Systems training 
Objection Handling
How to Handle Difficult Customers
Management Techniques
Advanced Management Principles
Basic Business Skills- Free
Office Systems
HR Training


Let us train your employees so you can focus on your bottom line...

Free Staffing
HR Training
New Hire Training
Systems Training
Job Specific Training
Customer Service Training
Sales Training
Management Tract Training
Conflict Resolution and Mediation
Client Relations Outsourcing

We also provide custom training programs.

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Simply give us a call and let us know what you are looking to accomplish.

Come in for a Consultation

Our consultations are designed to assess your current skills and any performance gaps that may exist. We also believe that it is as important to know your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Our goal is to hone in on both so that we can help you become more efficient, effective and productive.

Start your training

Our initial consultation will determine the series and amount of training modules that you need to complete before being eligible for placement. Most of our Clients only need to complete 1-3 modules, however; we do have some clients who are required to complete more. Every client is required to complete our Basic Service module which includes basic customer service aspects that are important to every business.

 Interview for Available Positions

This is the fun part! After our Job Placement Specialist works with you on interview preparation and techniques, you will be ready to interview for open positions.

Start your New Job