The CCDT Team

The staff at CCDT believes in providing outstanding service. We believe in the success of our clients because we believe in the impact of our training. How can our team serve you? 

Executive Director/ CEO

 As the Executive Director and CEO, LaTara has extensive experience working with all organizational levels creating, promoting, and delivering training solutions designed to support the organization’s goals. Her demonstrated ability to mentor clients from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences to facilitate learning, is what makes her training style unique. Prior to founding CCDT, LaTara served as the Director of Career Services for 2 vocational colleges, where she used her training and development techniques to better prepare her students for employment. 

As CEO of CCDT, LaTara believes that her employees are the backbone of her company. She strives to provide a unique and exciting working environment with training at its center. She takes time to develop individualized training plans for each employee in order to strengthen existing skills as well as  introduce new ones. LaTara prides herself on delivering and evaluating innovative leadership development initiatives based on job performance competency models,  and experiential learning which helps with conceptualization of the subject. 

LaTara Marshall 

Regional Recruiting Manager

Jennifer comes to CCDT with more than 15 years of recruiting experience, and more than 10 years' experience in management and training. Her extensive knowledge in overseeing the overall development of various projects makes her an immeasurable asset. She manages key client accounts while assisting administrative and customer service professionals in obtaining the proper training needed to be successful. Jennifer takes pride in developing personal relationships and, understands the specific needs of both her clients and the company. 
Jennifer Creagh

Regional Training and Development Manager

As CCDT's Eastern Region Training and Development Manager, Erica comes to us with over 8 years' experience in training and more than 10 years' experience in customer service and retention. She has had the charge of creating new training aids, updating policies, and developing an organization-wide training program for over 150 employees. As a Subject Matter Expert, Erica has developed new metrics for measuring success and employee retention of learning content, in order to successfully increase production and revenue.  

Erica Marshall

We're Hiring!
Position: Subject Matter Experts

CCDT is looking for Subject Matter Experts that have the ability to train others on their area of expertise. 

If you have training experience, or simply have a passion for teaching others, send your resume to 

Position: Director of Communications 

CCDT is looking for a Jack or Jane of all trades. This candidate must have exceptional communication skills and the ability to comfortably communicate with individuals as well as groups of people. He/She must be business savy, professional, resourceful, and have experience in marketing and communications. This individual will also serve as "Assistant to the CEO" and must be willing to work where needed. 

If interested please send your resume to for consideration.