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CCDT's Employer Required Training Program

Through CCDT's Employer Required Training (ERT), you can say goodbye to those costly staffing agencies. We allow you to focus on your bottom line by finding eligible candidates, putting them through a customized training program, and delivering a turn-key employee. All at no cost to you. 
There are two options for clients that participate in the ERT program:

Option 1: Client advertises and hires candidate

1. Client interviews potential candidate (employee)  

2. Client offers candidate the position pending the completion of training 

3. Candidate meets with CCDT and signs contract to pay for training 

4. Candidate completes training and begins working

5. Candidate pays for training in low installments which are deducted         directly from their paycheck. 

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Option 2: CCDT advertises and completes initial interview

1. Client chooses to have CCDT find the candidate and complete an initial interview and pre-employment testing

2. CCDT submits candidate to client for final decision.

3. Client offers candidate the position pending the completion of training

4. Candidate completes training and begins work

5. Candidate pays for training in low installments which are deducted directly from their paycheck. 

Completing either option means that you no longer have to pay to find quality employees. We have discovered that there are individuals out there who do not mind investing in themselves for the right opportunity. This also means that they are investing in your company as well. It is a great way to lower and or eliminate staffing and advertising costs, while providing individuals with a solid training program and the drive and determination needed to make them productive employees. 
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  1. $72 Billion
    Yearly amount spent on recruiting services
  2. $0
    Cost using CCDT for your staffing needs
  3. 1
    Number of companies offering quality candidates for free
  4. $3,300
    Per-hire cost using staffing agencies




We are a career development and training company that believes that each individual has an amazing ability. We know that sometimes it takes coaching and training in order to cultivate that ability; and we have come up with a unique way to do just that. Because we use real-time situational training, we are able to determine the individual needs of our clients in an exciting and innovative way. 
The "CCDT Customer Service Standard" not only focuses on best practices, but it focuses on people. We truly believe in the importance of and the amazing impact that communication plays in a relationship. We believe that you can increase sales and production through good service; and that once you implement the proper training and uphold those standards, you will be successful. 
Because our training is uniquely designed, and focused on real-life situations, we have the ability to take the guess work out of how an employee will perform. It provides us with a unique opportunity to discover our client's aptitude at its core, and to expand on that ability. We create an employee that understands their contribution to the company and is ultimately more dedicated and productive.