Real-Time Situational Simulation Training

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The CCDT Difference
CCDT uses real-time situational simulation training to ensure the most effective development of your employees. This means that if you are in need of a receptionist, you can rest assured that the candidate that we provide will have gone through our extensive simulation training.

During the training, the candidate will be behind a desk, taking phone calls, using office equipment, and scheduling appointments.

They will have been tested and trained on handling upset customers, the proper way to answer calls and place customers on hold, how to operate a multi-line phone system, and more.

In other words, you receive an employee who is fully prepared for the job. We've taken the guess work out of trying to determine how an employee will respond to conflict, how they will handle stressful situations and their overall performance ability. We don't have them sit at a computer and answer personality questions...we are able to capture their personality and their abilities in a very real way.

Say goodbye to expensive and time consuming training sessions. CCDT trains with the purpose of an employee excelling at what they do. We provide people, we increase production, and we get results!

That’s The CCDT Difference.

Creating a More Productive Employee- One Training at a Time

CCDT offers a variety of services to the businesses that we work with. These services include systems training, customer service training, new hire training, and more. Our most popular service is our FREE STAFFING.

Why pay a staffing agency to look for potental employees when you can simply let us know what you are looking for; and receive qualified candidate resumes of individuals who have been trained, within hours. Give us a will be glad that you did!


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People. Production. Results.
People- We Provide you with qualified, highly skilled people
Production- Because our candidates are trained, they produce at a higher capacity
Results- You see the results in revenue
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