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About Us

CCDT is a career development and training company that focuses on decreasing the unemployment rate by training and placing individuals in need. We believe that the lack of soft skills and proper training are the leading causes of unemployment, under employment as well as poor production in today’s workforce.

We work with both the candidates who are looking for employment, and the employers who are in need of highly skilled and well qualified employees.

CCDT believes that when employees understand the goals of the company and see how their work helps to achieve those goals, they are more productive.
The key to any successful company is repeat business and happy, dedicated, productive employees. We believe that the former is a result of the latter.
  1. CCDT's training has boosted my career tremendously! I am an entrepreneur who needed additional skills and after only two courses, I feel that I am ready to take on the world.
  2. I found the communications course to be exciting. Glad I was able to brush up on my skills.
    Walter L.
  3. Throughout our day, we sometimes tend to forget what truly makes a business successful. CCDT reminds us of the importance of customer service.
    Tina G.
  4. As simple as the Basic Service course is...It is an eye opener.
    Jennifer F.
  5. Our service has to be exceptional, above and beyond the customer's expectations.
    L. Marshall CEO of CCDT

Career Services Experience


CCDT is looking to fill a Senior Career Coach position.

Specific responsibilities include:

• Provides leadership and direction in the design, delivery and management of professional development programs, seminars and sessions (online and in person)

• Provides specialized career coaching to students and graduate alumni including assessment of student/alumni needs and interests, resume review, interview skills, networking techniques, and proactive job/internship search opportunities in the international affairs arena.

• Reviews/revises and/or develops online resources and maintains general career resource guides, and department website.

• Assists with the collection and reporting of statistics and data on an ongoing basis and for various annual reports.

• Develops and creates professional development programs using e-learning platforms including webinars as well as coordinate  participation in school's orientation.

• Performs other related duties as assigned. The omission of specific duties does not preclude the supervisor from assigning duties that are logically related to the position.

Knowledge of international Affairs


Team Oriented


Abilty to design Professional Development programs


Career Services Experience


Coming Soon...

Team Oriented


CCDT is now accepting applications for an upcoming Career Coach position at a D.C. University. If you have career development and resume writing experience, please feel free to send us your resume.

Governement Affairs/International Relations


Resume Writing/Editing


Recent Jobs

  1. Lead Engineer
    $110-130k No.20654
    Santa Clara, CA
    CCDT Client
  2. Career Coach
    $45-65k No.20655
    Washington, DC
    CCDT Client
  3. Customer Service
    $30-40k No.20656
    Salt Lake City, UT
    CCDT Client
  4. Marketing Rep
    $40-60k No.20657
    Huntsville, AL
    CCDT Client
  5. Manager
    $50-65k No.20658
    Washington, DC
    CCDT Client
  6. Customer Service
    $25-30k No.20659
    Lansing, MI
    CCDT Client